Our Sponsors

Our commitment to you


As we appreciate your support by sponsoring our charity, we have added your company below with a link to your website. Sponsoring us means that we can offer children various activities, develop youth clubs in various areas around the UK, offer children trips, amenities and help educate children with the dangers of social media and other dangerous sites such as the dark web.

Christoforos Charity Foundation (CCF) needs you.

We exist to better the lives of our children from across the UK who are cared and we can’t do it without your support.

It is thanks to our incredible supporters and donors that we can raise the money our charity needs to continue to offer activities that children need.

How we form activities is just as important to us as how much we raise.

We strive to uphold our organisational values - we are curious, we are courageous and we care - in everything that we do.

It is this approach that guides our Supporter Commitment, which we have outlined below. We promise to do our utmost to deliver this commitment to each and every one of our supporters, and we pledge to always hold ourselves to the very highest of standards in doing so.

We care

• We commit to treat you with the utmost respect, honesty, and integrity. We want the right relationship with our supporters and sponsors, taking into account personal circumstances and potential vulnerabilities.

• We comply with fundraising laws and practices. We are transparent with these relationships and our financial relationships with them.

• We will abide by your wishes with relation to how we use any personal data and information you give us and follow all legislation in relation to responsible fundraising practices and handling personal information, in all forms of communication. For more information

We are courageous

• We want every interaction you have with us - whether that is in person, by telephone, email, letter, or via social media, to be a positive experience, but we know we won’t always get it right – if this is the case, please tell us. We take complaints seriously and welcome compliments and feedback so we can continuously grow and learn and improve from them. Get in contact with us and let us know how we are doing.

• We are committed to lasting change. We will learn about and celebrate our supporters’ differences, respect every voice and will not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone and challenge those behaviours that do not reflect our beliefs.

• We will be conscious and considerate of our impact on the environment and society and we are committed to continually developing our understanding and knowledge in this area, adopting, and embedding policies that put Environmental, Social and Governance at the heart of our strategic objectives.

We are curious

• We will show you how impactful your support is. There will always be a report so you can see all of the ways in which your donations are helping the children and families.

• We want you to hear from us in the ways that you wish to, and you have the right to change your mind at any time. Just let us know via our contact us page.


This statement was last updated in Feb 2023. 

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We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continuous support!!!