How we help

We are here to help children enjoy life in the best way possible enjoying free fun activities 

  • We will organising events such as sporting activities, trips out  competitions, dinner and dances where all children can socialise, make friends, have fun, etc.


  • We have created this website, which we be maintained and regularly updated with a large body of Information informing parents and children how to stay safe online.


  • We will engage in skills with the children and talk them through doing different activities such as deep breathing, using stress balls, making art (painting, colouring, doodling) or going for walks can be great strategies for coping with feelings.


It’s very normal for kids to go through changes in behaviour while progressing through different developmental stages. However, if you notice your child becoming withdrawn or isolated from their friends, family or routine, this is normally a sign that they’re experiencing a situation or feeling that they don’t know how to process on their own.

It’s important that the children know they can approach you with any issue, and that they will be received and listened to with love and support hence why activities and support will always be at hand, Simply letting them know that we are there to support and listen to them without judgment and can increase the likelihood that they’ll come to you when they have a problem.

Kids play tug of war in sunny park. Summer outdoor fun activity. Group of mixed race children pull rope in school sports day. Healthy outdoor game for little boy and girl.

For a child, one of the most important things that our charity will provide is an environment where they know they are loved and important. They know they are supported no matter what they do, and this increases their feelings of security and safety aswell as in their home.

Kids love to receive positive feedback and learn that they’ve done something well. Knowing they’ve done something well increases feelings of pride and confidence, which can stick with a child long term. In addition, providing positive reinforcement for behaviours will often encourage children to repeat that behaviour.

Physical activity provides a necessary outlet for kids, which is important for both physical and mental health. Helping children find a type of movement they enjoy, even from an early age, is a great way to ensure they remain engaged and interested. Our charity will be Participating in movement together with the children and offer competitions, prices and physical activities. Talk about emotions and feelings regularly.

Kids learn so much by watching their parents, including behaviors when it comes to emotional expression and regulation. Rather than simply saying your day was “good” or “OK,” our proffessional team will discuss different emotions they felt throughout their day  .

As adults, we feel we know what’s best for our child, and so children are often left out of the decision-making process. Of course, it may be more appropriate for the parent to make the final decision. Our Charity team will be finding ways to include children in making decisions which will make them feel that they are heard and valued.

The Charity


This charity is based at 223B Turners Hill, Cheshunt EN8 9DG with a registered Charity No: 1201639 and activities will be at the rear of this address where there is a class E commercial building which will be adapted and set up for this charity to house free activities.

The Charity's board is made up of four trustees who are responsible for the strategic direction of the charity, they are the main contributors and helpers, who will also participate in all the activities provided by the charity to the children.

The Four Trustees:

George Nicolaou

Areti Nicolaou

Christakis Petinou

Joanna Petinou