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....and then takes them Go Karting

Following on from our school presentation at Focus 1st Academy, we asked the kids if they would be interested in attending an activity day with us. After overwhelming responses of ‘yes we would’, we agreed on a day of Go Karting.

So, on the 18 December, 28 excited young people and their teachers, joined us at the Rye House Go Karting track. Although it was competitive with podium places and medals up for grabs, everyone joined in the fun, finishing the day with a great dinner.

Important to our mission is to encourage young people to take time away from their phones. So, before the event, we asked the students how they felt about leaving their phones in their lockers to allow them to focus on having fun with their school friends with no distractions. All were happy to oblige and what we witnessed was truly amazing. The day was full of laughter with everyone having a great time. We couldn’t be more proud of all the kids that attended and they are certainly a credit to their school.

This is testament to the aim behind our work and why we are dedicated to helping save lives.

Go Karting 13

St Marys Independent Greek School

Thursday, 16 November 2023

Another important presentation, this time at St Mary's Independent Greek School. Once again, we were welcomed with open arms by the teachers and children who were captivated by our story and the message behind it. Thank you for featuring our visit in the Parikiaki Greek community newspaper.


Saint Marys 1


Was very deep and moving,  everyone at St Mary’s Greek School was impressed by George and Areti’s courage to do such enlightenment.

Thank you for visiting our school

St Mary's Independent Greek School

CCF Meets Focus 1st Academy


It was a pleasure to visit Focus 1st Academy and meet an impressive and welcoming group of teenagers who were keen to hear our experiences of cyber bullying and the dark web. Each and everyone listened intently to our story and wanted to know what we are doing to help deter other kids and families from experiencing this tragedy.

Whilst all the kids were amazing, one particular young man captured our attention who we will be sponsoring as part of the charity to undertake a special activity. More on this will be featured later.

We cannot stress enough the importance of relaying our message to teenagers who are at risk of online predators. One way of reaching children is through schools and we would appreciate your help by mentioning our charity and presentations to schools that you know. By sharing our experience, it may trigger warning signs to children who are dabbling in the dark web, may be at risk of online bullying or know someone who is.

If you would like to know more, please complete the form below.


1st Academy group picture


Saturday, 15 July 2023

Thank you to GOFFS OAK GIRLS FC Tournament for having us share our story at your event. It was a pleasure to speak to so many parents and kids about protecting our children from online predators. I also hope the kids had fun on our bouncy castle. See you again!


Goffs Oak Girls FC Tournament


Sunday, 2 July 2023

Thank you Omonia Youth FC for having us at your presentation day today. It was great to see so many parents and kids engaging with our story. We were delighted to offer each of the Omonia players a free burger and drink as part of our mission to reward children for taking time away from screen time.

We loved speaking to all who visited our stand and really appreciate the generous donations which will help us arrange further FREE activities for children.

Follow us on Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn for more information.

OM2 2023-07-02 at 21.57.20 (3)


My son and I had the pleasure of meeting the Christoforos Charity Foundation on 2nd July. My son who is 12 read the pamphlet with interest and shock. He asked different questions throughout the day as cyber bullying was something he had heard of but wasn’t aware how bad it can get and the effect it can have on a person and family. By coincidence, the next day at school the class was tasked with writing about cyber bullying and my son wrote about CCF to explain what he had learned. I think spreading knowledge to the younger generation on the threats the internet brings is very important especially as a parent and I commend the Foundation for the work they do.

Parent from Omonia Youth FC.


CCF had a big effect on my youngest son who went on to tell all his Year 3 class about it. So the message at the Omonia presentation day worked!

Parent from Omonia Youth FC.

St Mary’s School vows to keep Christophers memory alive

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Our beloved son Christopher was a much-loved and respected student at St Mary’s Church of England High School in Cheshunt.
Since we lost Christopher, the school, in particular Mr Simms (Head Teacher), his teachers and his closest friends have supported us and the charity to ensure that our message of protecting our children from online predators and social media misuse is conveyed across the school.

Recently we delivered a series of presentations to students in years 7-10 about our story. Many students were already aware and touched by the loss of our son.

Whilst it was an emotive experience for all of us, it gave the children an opportunity to ask questions and hear from us the reality of what happened and how we can prevent this from happening again to another child and family.

As part of our gratitude to the school and as a kick off to our mission of providing free activities to children, we took 19 of Christopher's friends to Hollywood Bowl for an evening of fun and furious competition. It was a great night!


Thank you Aldenham Senior School, Elstree

Thursday, 18 May 2023

On hearing about us from a student, Aldenham school contacted Christoforos Charity Foundation (CCF) asking to support the charity as part of their end of term fundraising. Whilst we were delighted that they chose us that term, the school went one step further with the headmaster, Mr Williams setting up a challenge to raise even more money. He laid down the gauntlet by offering to dress up as an Easter bunny if the parents hit a separate target. Never one to shy away from a challenge, the parents raised even more money and assembly was taken by the Easter bunny later that afternoon.

Following this wonderful support from Aldenham, we were also invited this month to attend a special presentation to share our experiences with the students at the school. The children were receptive and inquisitive, coming up to us afterwards to ask questions about the charity. This is an important way to drive our message of ‘Helping Save Lives’ to as many children, their parents or carers and teachers so that no family can ever experience this tragedy.


Cheshunt Rugby Club Supports CCF with Epic Game Off!

Sunday, 30 April 2023


Since we lost our son Christopher over a year ago, the Cheshunt Rugby Club, that he was an avid member of, has supported us in many ways to ensure that Christopher’s memory lives on. This year they introduced the Christoforos Nicolaou Cup, a sporting event involving 40 players from across the club in memory of our son.

The match, which kicked off following a minute silence at 11am, was attended by over 100 people who cheered and clapped their way through the epic game with some stunning performances from the players. The game ended on a real high with the winners awarded the Cup, followed by a raffle, auction and a bake sell to generate funds for Christoforos Charity Foundation, that aims to raise awareness around social media misuse, in particular cyber-bullying.

The players were treated to pizza following their hard work on the field and to thank them for supporting the Foundation by playing a game that Christopher loved.

On behalf of myself and CCF, I want to thank the organisers Nikki McGreevy and Ryan McGreevy including the efforts from the wonderful volunteers from the Cheshunt Rugby Club who helped make this now annual tournament, a tremendous success. They raised an amazing £1,300 that will go towards FREE activities for kids.

See how much fun they had at the recent paint-balling event, below.

We look forward to working with you all again soon, and the many more exciting matches to come!



Sunday, 25 June 2023



Cheshunt Rugby U16s and U17s wanted to say a huge thank you to George and Areti and the Christoforos Charity Foundation for taking them to paintball and getting them pizza! The boys had the best time team building and running around the forest. This charity means so much to the boys as they are connected so deeply to this cause. The charity really is helping to save lives and we will support them in getting their message out as much as we can. Keep doing what you are doing you are amazing!

CR Image 2023-06-25 at 21.50.56


Thursday, 22 June 2023



We had so much fun at an event that we arranged to offer children time away from the dangers of social media.

Hollywood Bowl 24_06_2023


Hey George and Areti, thank you so much for taking the children bowling yesterday. I just wanted to let you know, my 9 year old son asked me about the dangers of the Internet and I was able to explain in detail how to stay safe online when he's older. Christopher's charity is already creating so much awareness. Your story touched my heart. God bless you all, God bless Christopher.  With love: Jessica's mum


Hi George,

Thank you ever so much for taking Andreas tonight. He had such a great time and really enjoys being around you and your lovely wife. He’s so excited to be doing more activities with you both. I think what you’re doing is invaluable.

Take care & God Bless, Hary & Andreas

My son spent an afternoon bowling and spending time with friends at an event put together by the Christoforis Charity Foundation. When he returned home he expressed how good it felt to have gone to this event and how amazing George, Areti and the rest of the organisers were with all the young people there. It really made him think of how important it was to spend time with others and to be able to open up and talk about their lives, fears and worries.

Thank you all for organising this event and for reminding our young people that they are not alone and that they can reach out for help. Thank you for what you're doing for all our young people, you are all amazing and no doubt saving lives.

Wishing you all the best and thank you again for yesterday, John had a fab time xx

Christine Georgiou. 

Thank you so much for arranging this evening.. I know his friends at st Mary’s will always hold a special place in their hearts for your beautiful boy x

Thank you for taking the Eray and kids today. I'm sure they've had a fabulous time.

Hi. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful day for our children. I would like to inform you that Stepan will go home in Andrea's mother's car.

Kind regards Anastasija


Sunday, 11 June 2023

An event held at the home ground of Omonia Girls FC, raising awareness, where Christoforos Charity Foundation also supplied a bouncy castle for kids to have fun.

We are grateful to have been given the platform to give our awareness speech, making all the children and parents in attendance aware of the dangers of social media

OMONIA 2023-06-27 at 16.23.16
OMONIA 2023-06-27 at 16.23.56

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