Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy


Christoforos Charity Foundation (CCF) actively supports diversity and inclusion to ensure that everyone is valued and treated with respect. We recognise that every person is an individual withdifferent needs, preferences and abilities and we aim to reflect this diversity in everything we do, including making services inclusive and accessible to children and attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. We believe that harnessing different life experiences, attributes and contributions from employees, consultants, volunteers and service users will make CCF a more effective and inclusive organisation and a better place to work.

This Policy 

This policy sets out our approach to equal opportunities, inclusion and the avoidance of discrimination at work. “Equality” means ensuring everyone has the same opportunities to fulfil theirpotential free from discrimination. ”Inclusion” means everyone feels comfortable to be themselves at work and feels the worth of their contribution. “Diversity” means the celebration of individual differences among the workforce. We will actively support diversity and inclusion and ensure that all our Volunteers and trustees are valued and treated with dignity and respect. We want to encourage everyone in our organisation to reach their potential.

It also covers the treatment and conduct of volunteers and the services we provide to families and supporters.

Any applicants will receive equal treatment for all aspects of volunteering with us, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin.


The policy statement

CCF values diversity. By respecting and using diversity we can maximise our impact through meeting individual needs and staying in touch with the changing societies in which we operate.Volunteers should recognise and fulfil their personal role in making CCF a genuinely inviting and inclusive organisation.

We have a commitment to diversity, which is about:

  • Recognising and valuing difference
  • Recognising and seeking to redress inequality and disadvantage
  • Treating all in a fair, open and honest manner
  • Recognising the right of volunteers and service users to be treated with dignity and respect.

We are committed to:

  • Equality of opportunity
  • Tackling discrimination and disadvantage
  • Tackling harassment and intimidation
  • Making our workforce and the organisation as a whole more representative of the diverse communities.
  • Continuing to identify ways to ensure our services are accessible to all sections of the communities we work in
  • Encouraging other organisations to adopt similar policies on Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

CCF is committed to a policy of Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in service delivery and in employment practices and will not accept discrimination in its work. We will never use cultural practices as a justification for, or to ignore an issue of, safeguarding. This commitment includestraining managers and all other employees and volunteers about their rights and responsibilities under the equality policy.

Responsibilities include employees and volunteers conducting themselves to help the organisation provide equal opportunities in employment, and prevent bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination. All employees and volunteers should understand that they, as well as theiremployer, can be held liable for acts of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, in the course of their employment, against fellow employees, volunteers, services users, suppliers and the public.


Provision of services

CCF aims to provide support throughout Hertfordshire to children and the families of children without discriminating against, stigmatising or patronising anyone we work with. Every serviceuser will be treated in a professional manner, with courtesy and respect.

Users of our services and those who take part in our activities will be informed that CCF is committed to an Equality, Inclusion and Diversity policy so that:

  1. They will know a policy exists and a copy is available so as to guide all members of theorganisation and others to share the commitment and code of practice of Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.
  2. All who come into contact with CCF will know the standards that we are trying to achieve and have the opportunity to assist us in trying to achieve
  3. They will know they have the right to complain, if they feel these standards are not being adhered to or dissatisfied with the service provided to them. CCF will seek to ensure that its services meet the needs of its diverse communities by proactively involving communities in identifying their needs and by seeking to meet these needs. CCF will seek to develop services in such a way to achieve maximum take up by all communities.

It will do this by:

  1. Providing information in plain English and using methods other than written documents to present information as appropriate.
  2. Ensuring that all strategic planning includes consideration to any projects that will further the aims of our policy.
  3. Testing any service offerings, fundraising events and projects against the principles of our policy.



CCF will not unlawfully discriminate against or harass other people including current and former employees, consultants, job applicants, volunteers, clients, service users, supporters, customers, suppliers and visitors. This applies in the workplace, outside the workplace and on r trips or eventsincluding social events. The following forms of discrimination are prohibited under this policy and are unlawful:

  1. Direct discrimination: treating someone with a Protected Characteristic less favourably. Forexample, rejecting a job applicant because of their religious views or because of sexual orientation.
  2. Indirect discrimination: a provision, criterion or practice that applies to everyone but adversely affects people with a particular Protected Characteristic more than others and is not justified.
  3. Harassment: this includes sexual harassment and other unwanted conduct related to aProtected Characteristic, which has the purpose or effect of violating someone’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them.
  4. Victimisation: retaliation against someone who has complained or has supported someone else’s complaint about discrimination or harassment.
  5. Disability discrimination: this includes direct and indirect discrimination, any unjustified less favourable treatment because of the effects of a disability, and failure to make reasonable adjustments to alleviate disadvantages caused by a disability.



The Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility to provide, implement and review this policy. It is the responsibility of trustees, employees, consultants and volunteers to support the policy by ensuring that CCF activities promote equality, inclusion and diversity. The CEO or appointed representative holds the day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that the policy is implemented and, in the first instance, for dealing with or taking action on disciplinary offences.


Breaches of this policy

CCF takes seriously complaints of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination by fellow employees, consultants, volunteers, clients, service users, supporters, customers, suppliers, visitors, the public and any other stakeholders in the course of the organisation’s work activities. We take a strictapproach to breaches of this policy, which will be dealt with in accordance with our Disciplinary Procedure. Serious cases of deliberate discrimination may amount to gross misconduct resulting in dismissal without notice.