Christoforos Nicolaou was murdered through social media/cyber bullying

Christopher was a lively, happy, educated, well-mannered fun and well-behaved teenager who always put others before himself. He would respect his elders. He had no signs of depression or seeming down in anyway. He was always top in all subjects at school and was really loved by all his teachers at Saint Marys Church of England. He was asking for additional private educational lessons for maths and Science even though he was on top marks for these subjects. 

However, he enjoyed playing on-line gaming with friends and even though he only played at the weekends as he was due to the fact he was in education during the week. For the last 2 months of his life, we as parents noticed a change in his behaviour such as being extremely quiet, not very active and seemed that he was suffering with a-lot of fear like someone had made threats to him. Obviously as parents we asked him several times if everything was ok. He would say yes but the feeling as a parent said otherwise. 

It was only after we lost our beautiful son, we found that he was involved in a dark web site that made him give information of his family and they commenced to making threats such as if he does not do the challenges that are asked, it will cause a danger to his family. 

There was at least 4 people on this online site that was causing our son to enter into a shell that he was never in. After completing all tasks that he was told to do the final one was to experiment using a rope, this was the final challenge and our lives as parents are now shattered