Archie had been subjected to online bullying.

Archie Battersbee, from the minute he could stand showed he was going to be a very active child. His energy was amazing and from the age of 18 months old he was joining inmartial arts training with his brother Tom. I have hundreds of videos of Archie doing what he loved and that was gymnastics where he achieved all his awards from the age of three and winning A gold medal at just eight years of age and he had his first MMA fight booked for last April.  When I say Archie was passionate about his sports, I mean he trained every waking hour he could. He had a six pack at six years old and said he was going to be a world champion in MMA. 

On the 7th April last year I believe Archie was climbing the banister and fell but had a ligature suspension under his neck. What he was doing we don’t know. A four month fight for his life then started. No proof was found on his phone of an online challenge. However Archie had been watching seven minutes off a platform prior to his accident. So it was stated by the Coroner that it couldn’t be ruled out. 
Archie had also been subjected to online bullying using mainly What’s App.
I raised my three children in activities to keep them off the streets and to keep them safeSo for this to happen in his safe place, his own home is just devastating. Archie’s character and personality was so powerful, cheeky, sharp and extremely funny. 
He has left a hole in our hearts that will never be repaired. Raising awareness for online
safety and getting children off of social media and into activities is something very close to my heart.